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At Invacio we’re working to resolve some of the world's most complex and recalcitrant problems using our distributed artificial intelligence systems.

Because the solutions we reach stand to revolutionize areas as diverse as big data, communications, research, online privacy, the exchange markets and international security, to name only a few, we always welcome inquiries and applications from the world’s most exceptional minds. Composed of senior Wall Street executives, programmers, scientists, engineers, statisticians, and entrepreneurs, our team is innovative and curious and fully encourages ideas for new approaches to the problems occupying us. If you’ve expertise in distributed AI and coding, global sales and marketing, finance, security, or believe you have skills that might otherwise strengthen the Invacio team, please send your CV with a detailed cover letter introducing yourself and explaining how you would fit into our organisation. We will be glad to consider your application.

Applications by post should be sent to:

Invacio, Ltd.

2512 Langham Place Office Tower

8 Argyle Steet,Mongkok

Hong Kong


Applications by email: [email protected]


We’re considering offering a small number of internships to very exceptional candidates. Applicants should address their inquiries to [email protected] including their CV and a covering letter stating their academic background, qualifications, experience, and the areas they are interested to contribute to.

Interested in bringing a unique service to market?

We are looking for talented experienced individuals interestd in launching a more secure and privacy-based online-environment...


Invacio AAP Holdings Ltd

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For support inquiries, please visit
Support Centre

For support queries: Support Centre

For security related
[email protected]

For security related: [email protected]